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March 30th at Beverly Mansion 6681 OH-229,
Marengo, OH 43334 @ 6:00 PM



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Citrus Infused Water

Old Fashioned Lemonade


The vision for Lazarus Life  was born out of Jimmy Alexander's past experiences of being a former addict, who has now been transformed by a his relationship with Jesus Christ.  It is his heart to continuously grow this ministry to offer love, help and support to men who are struggling with addiction. This ministry can be difficult at times. We need financial support from amazing partner's like you to be sustainable and keep our doors wide open. Our system isn't a one-week time frame. We consistently pour into these wonderful men's lives and walk along-side of them for months to help create and maintain a long-lasting transformation through the power of Jesus Christ. 

Jimmy's story—

"Throughout my late teen and early adult years, I was motivated by an obsession to find true satisfaction and peace. Sadly, I searched in all the wrong places and fully gave myself over to drug addiction.  Drugs became the driving force that led to a lifestyle of abuse, crime,  homelessness, and despair.  After several rehab programs, self striving, and suicidal attempts on my life, I was utterly hopeless. Yet God saw my hopelessness and intervened. He did for me what I could not do on my own: He changed my heart, my affections, and my desires by revealing to me Jesus Christ.

Someone soon led me to Teen Challenge Cincinnati, where God provided a loving community of people who intensively invested in me long-term.  For 7 months there, I was surrounded by caring people who helped me cultivate a relationship with Christ. My whole life was turned around. I found authentic relationships, true freedom, lasting satisfaction, a real sense of purpose, and a life in Christ that I could have never imagined.  

It is now my heart’s desire to establish a similar ministry in Mount Vernon, Ohio, to help other men who are struggling with addiction.  I want to offer others the same hope that I have found!"

You can join in and help the addicted become free. Join us for our first-ever dinner fundraiser! RSVP Now!

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