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At Lazarus Life Ministries, we stand by a faith-based approach to recovery that's backed by research demonstrating the highest success rates for long-lasting sobriety, secure employment, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Our approach is firmly rooted in Christian principles, and it's built on long-term models that comprehensively address the spiritual, emotional, and relational facets of recovery. It extends beyond mere drug rehabilitation.


Individuals on the path to recovery require time for their bodies and brains to heal. They also need the space to develop new thought patterns and cultivate a renewed relationship with God. We strongly believe that this transformation is best achieved in a residential setting, where we emphasize high levels of accountability, while concurrently fostering trust and responsibility. This holistic approach equips men for a successful, sober life.

These are the core components that set Lazarus Life Ministries apart from other recovery programs. Our faith-based, long-term approach to recovery is designed to bring about lasting change in individuals seeking to overcome addiction.


At our organization, we're driven by a compelling vision. We aim to establish a transformative discipleship house in Knox County, Ohio, where men will embark on a journey of faith, restoration, and personal growth. Our mission is to equip them to reintegrate into society as empowered, responsible, and whole-hearted men of God.

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