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About Us

My name is Jimmy Alexander, and the genesis of this life-changing ministry springs from my personal transformation. I'm a reformed addict whose life took a profound turn through a powerful connection with Jesus Christ.

In my late teens and early adulthood, I was driven by an insatiable quest for true satisfaction and inner peace. Regrettably, my search led me down the wrong path, plunging me into the depths of drug addiction. These substances became the catalyst for a destructive lifestyle, marked by abuse, crime, homelessness, and despair. Despite multiple stints in rehab and desperate attempts to overcome my struggles, I found myself in the depths of hopelessness.

A kind soul introduced me to Teen Challenge Cincinnati, where I encountered a nurturing community of individuals who invested deeply in my long-term recovery. Over the course of seven months, I was enveloped by compassionate people who guided me in cultivating a profound relationship with Christ. My life took a dramatic turn, and I discovered authentic connections, genuine freedom, lasting satisfaction, a renewed sense of purpose, and a life in Christ that I could have never fathomed.

Today, my heartfelt aspiration is to establish a similar ministry right here in Mount Vernon, Ohio. My mission is to extend the same hope that I've found to other men grappling with addiction.

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Board of Directors

Lazarus Life Ministries is governed by a volunteer board of directors comprised of compassionate individuals who are devoted to our mission and vision. Each member plays a significant role in organizational governance, financial oversight, and ministry development. 

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